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Since stress plays such a leading role in the destruction of the dentition, I felt that some time spent in discussing the topic was in order.

Did you know that all stress is self induced? That’s right. No more excuses. It is not possible for any of us to have any stress that we ourselves do not cause. Unfortunately there are many people who still do not realize this. According to Kurt Wright the author of the fantastic book “Breaking the Rules”, there are many stress management courses that help us deal with stress after we have it, but the role here is to remove the causes of stress; that is the stress we would all be happy to do without. The technical word for this kind of stress is called “distress”. The more desirable form of stress; the kind we all want to know how to generate more of is called “ustress”. Ustress is the form that keeps us acting in ways which support action towards the accomplishment of our goals.

So how do we manage to cause our own stress? We do it by assigning positive and negative values to facts. It’s that simple. It has been proven that by looking at what we are doing right and building off that, creates far more energy than looking at what we are doing wrong.

Now that you know that you are the creator of your own stress, try looking at your strengths and continue developing plans around that rather than the opposite of looking at what you are doing wrong. You will feel better and at the same time create far more energy to achieve your goals.

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Dr. TJ Bolt