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If you are a person who likes to be healthy, are you? Do you believe that health is a function of participation? Does health happen by accident or intention? If you are someone that wants to be healthy you can have something to do with it. In fact it is a must. Did you know that 87% of all chronic diseases are from lifestyle? That’s right, self inflicted.
I can tell you that every single person that I have ever posed the question, “If I gave you a choice of which you would like to be: diseased or healthy, what would you choose?” They choose health ever time, and yet they have no strategy or idea of how to get there. Most leave it to fate or luck. If you wanted to be healthy would you want to work with a doctor who was a disease manager, or a doctor who was a health coach? Would it be one who focuses on disease or one who focuses on health? I would bet that you would want to have a health coach. If so, read on.
There has to be a structure in the doctor’s office that he/she implements to allow you to become part of the process. Remember that a coach is someone who helps the patient discover their problems and what they want to become. The coach helps the patient solve those problems as long as they are motivated. It is about not telling them what to do or doing it for them, but working with them to help them take control of their own health instead of leaving it to fate or luck. There has to be a system. Here it is:
In order for you to take control it will be important for you to have time to discuss your wants and needs. This is planned for in the new patients experience called and Interview. It is at this point that the relationship begins; getting to know what you want, and also getting to know the doctor’s philosophy of care. The framework of the examination that is created through Co- Discovery is: Through the interview and the structured examination this framework is derived, and questions are uncovered reaching a successful outcome through Co-Diagnosis. That’s right. You are involved. You are in control.
PURPOSE: Starting with “WHY”
This is the structure for helping you break out of the disease cycle. Remember that there are just two paths that you can take. A path that just manages disease or a path that helps you to health. You have a choice. Choose wisely.
Remember that the direction, not intention leads to the destination.
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Dr. TJ Bolt