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There are three reasons that people lose their teeth. They are: tooth decay, gum disease, and bad bite. The first two are diseases of choice. You don’t have to have them if you don’t want them. Partnering with a dental team that coaches you on how to prevent the causes of disease and what role you play in this process, is the secret to your success. But the last one BAD BITE you can’t do anything about by yourself. This takes dentists trained specifically in this area to help you stop this disease progression. It is BAD BITE that I would like to touch upon in this article.

BAD BITE is not whether your teeth are straight or not. It is the lack of the way the chewing muscles, joints, and teeth relate to each other. When the joints are in the socket, all the teeth should hit front and back. Did you know that the only time that the teeth should touch is when you swallow 12-1400 times per day? When you chew your food the back teeth should not touch. The front teeth should guide the back teeth and separate them so that food can come onto the chewing table. If the teeth bump, too much power is placed on them, and over time they crack, and break. When a dentist fixes the tooth or teeth without looking at the cause of the problem, it can affect other teeth and cause them to wear. It can cause you to have headaches, or even joint problems.

If the teeth do not hit at the same time when you swallow, usually when the joints are in the socket the back teeth hit. To get all the teeth together, the joints have to come out of the socket. If this happens it is called a slide, fulcrum or what I like to call a TEETER TOTTER EFFECT. This slide makes the lower front teeth slam into the back of the upper front teeth. This makes them chip and over time makes them shorter and shorter. This will make you look older than you really are. Making sure that you have a healthy chewing system will keep you looking young, as well as make sure that your teeth, muscles, and joints are healthy.

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Dr. TJ Bolt