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My goal for all my relationships with the people that I serve is to be their advocate. This is done by a careful structure from the first phone call to the office. It then is designed in our structure, to make sure that we understand, and so does the patient, the purpose of our relationship. In other words we start with “Why”. This is done by meeting with the patient and spending some time prior to the clinical evaluation making sure we are directed to the patients expectations. Then once that is determined, the patient is invited to enter with the doctor and the team, a co-discovery process, where we learn together the things that are healthy and those that are not as healthy as the patient would like to see. Ultimately the patient learns the cause of disease and what they can do to take control of their own health. We truly become the advocate for the patient and help them determine how healthy they want to be. This is a successful model for health.

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Dr. TJ Bolt