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We are in a REVOLUTION from a shift from “sickness care” to wellness care”. There are 91 million people across the United States that are interested in wellness. These people are interested in taking control of their own health instead of waiting to be sick and then finding a doctor to take care of them. These seekers are trying to be proactive and looking for a doctor who will listen to them, taking the time to create a relationship with them based on shared values. The doctor is interested in the well-being of the patient; the whole person. The people who want to be healthy are trying to be participants in creating the proper environment to be healthy. The doctor and team will be creative in their approach to help their patients to create goals that will help them create an environment supportive of health. Here are some keys to what a creative approach to your health and meeting with a doctor who supports and nurtures the approach looks like: Time to have a conversation about what the patient is seeking. In that conversation the doctor will explore the past, including parental health (genetics). The conversation will also be about what the patients experience has been thus far. The doctor will be interested in what the patient wants to accomplish with him/her. Once this is explored the doctor will share some information usually on how the creative process works. Then there will be a discussion on goals the patient want to create long-term. This helps the doctor and the patient understand the big picture and this really starts the Interdependent relationship (where equal sharing of responsibility is achieved). The last part of this process will be the examination and any tests that the doctor feels are necessary for him/her to have to get a complete understanding of what is present. The problem is that there are so few doctors committed to helping a patient get beyond disease and escape the Reactionary-Problem Solving Model. The purpose of this article was to help inform you that there are doctors who have dedicated and organized their practices to bring about a Wellness/Whole Person approach to their care. If you would like more information about The Wellness Approach to care, or you are sick and tired of spinning around in the Disease Cycle please call me at 402-572-8000.

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Dr. TJ Bolt