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The engaged life is a good life. It is important to find our purpose in life at any age of adulthood. I think that if we have not found it yet we can always seek it out. Happy people are always engaged in their life’s purpose. For me it is the practice of dentistry. It is even more than that; it is helping people make a change from a reactive disease orientation to a creative, health orientation. It is really being a “Paradigm Pioneer”. It is helping people see things in a different way than they did before they met me.
Now here is the cool thing that I came upon. When you are fully engaged with an activity that is in alignment with your life’s purpose, time passes by very quickly. Hours are like minutes. There is a term for this coined by a very smart man named Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who has done extensive research in this area, “FLOW”. “The combination of all these elements causes a sense of deep enjoyment that is so rewarding people feel that expending a great deal of energy is worthwhile simply to be able to feel it.” These elements are doing activities we are doing must be both challenging and the ones that we have the ability to pull off. Here’s the pearl. Dr. Henry Cloud states that as he studied the accounts of people in flow, “The timeliness that these people talk about happens because they have exited earthly experiences and tasted a bit of eternity. Heaven knows no time, and when we are closest to heaven, we know no time either.”
God does not want us to waste our time. He wants us to be whole hearted, to surround ourselves in activities that we use our diligence, giftedness, and self-control. When we are connected to our life purpose we are involved in activities that do all these things and obtain that FLOW. It is a great place to be.

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Dr. TJ Bolt