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I just finshed vising with a friend and patient about his specific concerns. It became obvious to me that he wanted very much to be healthy. Up till now he was following the wrong model. He was having what we call sponsored neglect. He had been spending a great deal of time and money and feeling like he wasn’t getting anywhere. He wanted to make sure that his mouth was healthy because he correlated that it would impact his overall health. He was right, for Dr. Charles Mayo said many years ago, that the mouth is the pathway to the rest of the body. He was concerned that his gum disease was affecting his overall health and he was correct. My Team and I got this under control but at this time I helped him understand that to have this gum disease resolved it was not only looking at the gum tissue health but also how the pressures on the teeth were, as well as the fillings and crowns were fitting. Good hygiene which will affect the gum tissue health is more easily realized when the restorations in your mouth are excellent as well as the way the teeth touch are hitting in the most favorable position. I got him to think globally. In order to have long term health the environment must be supportive of that. The muscles, joints, and teeth must work together. That is what health-centered dentistry is all about. First good gums are needed, then joints, then teeth.

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Dr. TJ Bolt