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I just got back from a conference in Arizona featuring a famous Jungian Psychologist named Dr. James Hollis,Phd. We were discussing many topics that concerned personal growth; doing inside out work of the heart. There was much discussion on finding the meaning of your life, and the purpose of why you were put on the earth. We were discussing what we are passionate about. Jung said that we all walk in shoes to small. It is our responsibility as members of the human race,that we continue to become the best person that we can be, to come to the world each day, to bring our best self to the playing field.

Now here is one thing that concerned me: When asked how many Jungian Psychologists there are in the world, he responded, “4000”. When asked how many practice in the US-2500. The rest have sold out meaning, they have allowed the insurance companies to reduce the human being to codes and dispensers of drugs. There are few doctors that will take the time to concern themselves with the human spirit, psyche, and determine the cause of the problem. Therefore the patients who have a mental illness repress this illness with drugs. Since the problem is still present, the patient cannot evolve from their suffering and grow stronger though this suffering.

The same thing applies in dentistry. Patients come in to the office and are looking to get fixed; something is broken, something hurts, get their teeth cleaned etc. If the cause is not determined the progression of disease continues and at some point the bottom drops out. If doctors would take the time to understand their patients want and needs, help their patients understand what is important to them, and then help them understand the cause of the problem, they could help their patients get beyond the disease. When dentists are not in control because they are told what to do by insurance companies the real loser is the patient. “To the degree that the doctor has freedom of choice, is the degree he can offer choice to his patients”, is a quote that I like to borrow from a wonderful dentist Dr. Rich Green of the Pankey Institute. I am very committed to have no outside influence pressure me, so that I can be totally present for the needs of my patient. It is impossible to help someone who is sick take back their health and have outside interferences of any kind.

Creating an interdependent relationship that is based on an equal sharing of responsibility is the key to helping people break out of the disease cycle. So if someone is feeling like they put out a great deal of time and money toward having a healthy mouth, but feel like they are back at the starting block, think on these things. You may be in the wrong place due to the philosophy of the doctor, being controlled by outside forces of which you were unaware.

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Dr. TJ Bolt