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I just returned from a wonderful three days of teaching at The Schuster Center for Professional Development. I was told a story that was very moving to me and I wanted to share it with you. Dr. Michael Schuster was visiting his sister and her family a few weeks ago. His sister adopted two little girls from Mother Theresa’s Calcutta Orphanage. One of the children is an accomplished concert pianist and child prodigy. He was saying that he wondered if she would have been able to develop to her true potential in Calcutta. I doubt that would have happened if it were not for Dr. Schuster’s sister bringing those two young girls to the U.S. There must be the right environment, the right content, and of course the proper motivation to allow this prodigy to evolve.
I believe that the same holds true for a person to become as healthy as they want to be. Working with the right team of people dedicated to understanding how to bring about the best in each patient with the right environment, and process, is what I want for each of my clients. It does not happen by accident. Just like learning to play the piano very well takes the right process, so does helping people become as healthy as they can be. Health is a function of participation. What type of dentist are you looking for? Are you looking for someone to just fix you so that you revisit similar problems later, or someone to help you take control of your own health, needing less treatment over time?

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Dr. TJ Bolt