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In 1334 BC the average life expectancy was 25 yrs. It stayed the same for 3000 years and then in 1400 AC a person might live to 30. By 1800 AC the probability increased to a whopping 37 years. Fast forward 100 years to 1900 AC and now you might live to be 47 years. Things really improved in the next 100 years so in 2000AC where the average life expectancy was 77 years. Now we have a problem in that when Social Security was started a large portion of the population never lived to the age where they could collect benefits. There was plenty of money to go around. People are living longer today.
It’s 2012 and people reaching 70 years are the new 50. 100 could be the new 70. Of course genes, lifestyle, ability to chew and eat, plays a factor in longevity. How long are you planning to live?
It is one thing to increase a person’s lifespan but what is their quality of life going to be? People are seeking age reversing medical and dental care in record numbers.
How will you spend the remaining years of your life? It could be struggling through each day or enjoying a wonderful day with a good quality of health. It all starts with some preplanning. It starts with finding health care providers and not just disease care specialists. It is finding health coaches in the creative orientation and not just providers taking care of disease. It starts with setting goals and having someone care enough about you to help you be accountable to what you say that you wanted. Now these providers are hard to find since the majority in doctors are favoring the reactive disease care mode, but health care providers are out there. It depends if you want to be in control of your health or you want your disease to take control of you. Dean Ornish MD said, “Take time for your health today or you will be forced to take time for your disease later.”
To create health you can’t take it for granted. You have to be part of the process. It makes good sense for you to take care of yourself, since you may be around for a long time as the above statistics are showing us. If you are spinning around in the disease cycle and would like to get on a different path and would like more information on health coaches please give me a call at 402-572-8000, or check out my website at scottr140.sg-host.com

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Dr. TJ Bolt