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In 1975 there were a group of people who were not satisfied the way that people were being treated in the medical model. Doctors were treating patients differently than what had preciously been practiced. It seemed as if they were taking the Art out of Medicine and just making it all about the Science. These people formed a group and wrote a small book called The Dimensions of Humanistic Medicine. This group was not around when the first Private Care Conference in 1995 got together in Scottsdale Arizona presented and hosted by The Schuster Center for Professional Development. At that time 300 dentists from all over the United States got together and formed a Creed that has been lived by many dentists over the years. The Creed was formed from the group from 1995 under the premise that people longed for the Art in Medicine. It was also believed that over the last seventy years that the Art had gradually been taken away. In 1995 we believed that this is true. It was also believed that Medicine has helped people physically, but it has not satisfied some other essential human needs. They are: A need for personal recognition, compassion, choice, and self determination.
I am happy to report that even though this Private Care Community of Commitment has not met for a long time, there is still passion for the Creed that we formed, and is practiced by many dentists and physicians still today. Almost twenty years these principles are being lived out in the form of Health Centered Philosophies where people are given the respect that they deserve by seeing the whole person and not just body parts. There are health care providers who are willing to take the time to listen to their patients and to from a partnership with them to help their patients to take control of their health instead of just allowing them to leave it to fate or luck.
I am excited to get together with a committed group of doctors this September 13-15, 2012 in Boulder Colorado where we will discuss these very important concepts and create an action plan to see that this Humanistic Style is still preserved and will live on in this dramatic changing time. Stay tuned for more details as this Community impacts the Nation. For more information on this and more see my website at scottr140.sg-host.com

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Dr. TJ Bolt