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We do a lot working with people who say they want to be healthy. They would espouse this to the world but their actions would determine otherwise. In Sid Simons work on values he addresses the issue of values or values becoming. In order to be a value they only are a value if they pass this criterion:
They must be chosen freely. They must be chosen from alternatives. In determining if it really is a value or not they must be reflected upon. Once they are reflected and decided that they really mean something to that person, they become prized and cherished. At that time they become part of that person’s standard operating procedure and so they then become publically affirmed. Most importantly then to be a value in order to be a true value must be acted upon.
It is important to think on these things because it is through the adoption of these core values that helps you conduct your life in either a positive or negative way. It is your choice.
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Dr. TJ Bolt