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In the last few days I have seen dental injuries that could have been prevented. Basketball seems to be contact sport these days and because of this many teeth have been fractured that could have been prevented. These injuries start by a blow to the lower jaw and brings it against the upper jaw causing the teeth to hit together with great force. This blow causes teeth to shear, fracture, or many times they are evulsed. If this should happen bring the tooth, or pieces of the tooth with you to the dentist and many times the pieces can be reattached or the tooth can be reset. In order to have the best results keep the teeth moist. They can be stored in a cup of water or better yet milk if you can get it. Lastly it perplexes me that grade school and high school athletic associations require mouth pieces to be worn in football, or there is a penalty assessed. I believe that the same thing should be required for volleyball, soccer, and baseball. The injuries that I spoke of above could have been prevented if such rules would be employed. If you would like more information please call me at 402-572-8000 or please see my website at scottr140.sg-host.com.

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Dr. TJ Bolt