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I have been studying a book that really hits to the base of relationships and purpose entitled “Start With Why”by Simon Sineck. It really causes you to think about what the purpose is of anything that you endeavor to do. Most people know what they do and how they do it but seem to go through the motions and do not understand or reflect on why they do it. Going to the dentist can be the same function as well. Every patient that comes into my office has a conversation with me as to why our relationship exists. What is the purpose for why you go to the dentist? Many come in to have their teeth cleaned. What is magical about having your teeth cleaned? Does it make you feel good? How long does that feeling usually last? Some come in because they have a particular concern. Once the concern is gone how long before another concern arises? Do people want to be healthy? When I ask this question of whether a person wants to be healthy or diseased, they always pick health, and yet there is very little that the person knows as to how they will stay healthy? In other words they leave their health up to fate or luck. Did you know that you could be in control of your health if you want to be? Starting with why, with a doctor who really cares to help you learn strategies to keep you healthy, will give you a great start. There are Practices with doctors and caring teams that have the right structures in place to help you get healthy or to stay that way. By having a coaching structure you can learn what causes disease and become effective at ridding your self of the causes and stay healthy. So what is magical about getting your teeth cleaned? The magic comes from learning how well you are taking control of your health when you are not in the doctor’s office, that will give you the greatest results. The things that cause tooth decay and gum disease reappear to do damage just 24-48 hours after having it cleaned off the teeth. Therefore the person who has no idea of the effectiveness of how they are doing usually sets themselves up for failure long-term. Working with a team of people who are trained at coaching you will be the difference maker for you to attain long-term health. Thus, when choosing between being healthy or diseased you can confidently say you would choose health and know that you were not leaving it to fate or luck. For more information on prevention, go to my website at scottr140.sg-host.com Quoting one of my favorite authors John Maxwell: A little extra help. I love this saying: “If you see a turtle on top of a fence post, you know he had help getting there!” Why do I love it? Because I’m a turtle on a fencepost. I know that I didn’t get to where I am in life on my own. I’m just not that smart, gifted, or fast. The truth is that those who reached “extraordinary” had help getting there. And many types of success can only be achieved with help. If you refuse to ask for – or accept – it, you limit yourself and your work to a lower level of achievement.
Remember that ordinary and extraordinary are not far apart. If you accomplish just one of the above “extras,” your work will begin to be above average in that area.
If Ordinary People …
Gave a Little Extra Effort,
Spent a Little Extra Time,
Sought a Little Extra Help … They Would Become Extraordinary!

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Dr. TJ Bolt