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In Disease Care the doctor never looks at the cause of the problem and treats just the effects or symptoms of the disease. I know that if a patient/client stays in this system long enough they can have really major issues in the long-term. The doctor just fix me attitude will get you a moment of comfort but long term health will be fleeting.

The reason that this system does not work long-term is this: I am not just satisfied in taking your disease away from you because I know that if the cycle is not broken the disease will come back and we will be revisiting the issue again, but when we do it gets more complicated to treat the next time.

The body before the age of 35-40 builds up under stress. After the age of 35-40 the body starts to break down under stress. Health is a function of participation. Creating an interdependent relationship with the doctor means that there is an equal sharing of responsibility. The patient is not passive in this process. They are participating in their health. They are helping to eliminate the cause of disease if they can and not just having the doctor treat their symptoms because they know that if this is not done the cycle of disease continues. Disease care is problem based only. Wellness Care is creative and active. It is the only real way

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Dr. TJ Bolt