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I am prompted to write this blog with the ever growing number of people who come into my practice who are so sick. They go to the dentist on a regular basis and yet when asked if they know the cause of dental disease, they do not! They present with red swollen gums, have had a multitude of dental products placed in their mouths, and have no idea why they are still at the starting gate in terms of their oral health. This is because the dental providers are not helping them get beyond disease. It is because the providers have been taught only one way: fix the symptom, but not look at the cause. The people who are under this care have no understanding that they are in a pattern of disease, nor do they understand that there is a way out.

I am all about creating health and not treating disease. I can help people to not only understand the cause of disease, but also have a proven structure to help them get beyond it. I tell people that if they participate (keep in mind that health is a function of participation) I can guarantee that they will never have any more tooth decay or gum disease ever again in their life. I can prove this as well to them. Plaque is the cause of tooth decay and gum disease for the most part. Knowing how well a person removes the plaque is the key to preventing these two diseases that steal peoples teeth.

It is unfortunate that when I ask people if they would rather be healthy than sick, do not even know the cause of dental disease. Tooth decay and most gum disease are preventable, not curable. They are two of the three reasons that people lose teeth. Bad bite is the other reason people lose teeth. We will save that for another day, because you can’t prevent this by yourself. Knowing how to remove plaque is the secret to your long term oral health. You can be coached and learn how to effectively remove this and have a very successful dental future.

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Dr. TJ Bolt