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There was a little girl that was adopted from Calcutta and brought to The United States by her adoptive parents. She is a child prodigy. The question that I have pondered is, could she have reached her true potential had it not been for her good fortune to be adopted and brought back to the United States? This is how I view each client engagement. Can I help each person to reach their true potential to reach the level highest level of health that they aspire to be? As we work together can I assist them in attaining a higher quality of life? There are two ways to approach this.

As a dentist, we are all trained to fix things. Very few are trained to look for the cause of the problem. The Problem-Solving Orientation that most dental practices use to treat their patients just fix things and move on to the next person. The Creative Orientation helps patients get beyond disease. Therefore they have the least amount of dental problems over their lifetime. This is exactly what went on with the little-adopted girl. Her adoptive parents put her into the right environment, gave her the right content and structure, and provided coaches (teachers) that helped her attain the right motivation. They provided to her the opportunity to take advantage of the Creative Process by helping her see where she was at that time and provide a vision of what it was that she wanted to be.

A Health Centered Dental Practice benefits their clients by exploring what the relationship should be helping clients attain the least amount of dental treatment over their life and to become as healthy as they would like to be. What kind of dentist are you looking for? One that just fixes you allowing you to stay in the disease cycle till the next problem occurs or to help you get beyond disease? You have a choice.

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Dr. TJ Bolt