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I was just listening to one of my favorite mentors, Napoleon Hill. He was the famous author and motivational speaker of the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s who wrote “Think and Grow Rich” who was a firm believer in the power of a positive mental attitude. He touched on some ideas that I would like to share about the qualities that are needed to nurture and develop a healthy doctor-patient relationship. I am writing this because I believe that these qualities are difficult to find in the disease care, insurance driven environment that presents itself today. It is important to recognize the importance of this relationship. WATCH THIS BYTE: http://www.healingdoc.com/blogs/ Psychiatry’s Shame
Napoleon Hill stated that in order for health to occur, there needs to be at the forefront a positive mental attitude. A good doctor knows that the cure is not what the doctor can do, but how well the doctor gets the patient to do that for him or herself. This is the essence of a health coach which is much different from the disease care specialists that we see today. Let’s look at this relationship that will be important for all those people who want to be proactive, to be and stay healthy.
Remember that health is a function of participation and because of that the health coach must know how to place the patient in control of their own health. This relationship is called interdependent. Trust must be developed at the onset. Without trust, this relationship will not come about. There will always be suspicion and wonderment that the doctor is acting in his/her own interests, and not for the total and committed acts toward the accomplishment of attaining the goals of the patient. The relationship must be nurtured by the doctor (health coach) and his/her well trained team to help set the tone and lay out the plan for equal sharing of responsibility. Through identifying the goals of the patient, as well as their expectations, needs, and desires, a Master Plan can be created. When this plan is accepted by both parties, there is an agreement of the minds, and a powerful force is created. There is faith and hope created and a trust between both the doctor and the patient that is so incredible. Let’s understand what this force is and how it is created.
Robert Fritz, the great author who wrote “The Path of Least Resistance” said that in order for a powerful force to be created to propel you to take action and reach a successful outcome there must be creative tension. This tension is created by taking what current reality is and then helping the patient to see what health looks like to form a vision of what is possible. Unfortunately this does not happen in a hurried atmosphere. This whole can only be formed through taking the time, harbored in a relaxed and safe environment. Unfortunately for the patient, these doctors are hard to find. Those doctors that are working for insurance companies have no time to focus on health. They just have time to take care of the disease. This cycle that is created, perpetuates the patient to get more diseased again. There is no real understanding of the cause. One example of this and there are many, is a person comes in with high blood pressure. The cure is temporary as a prescription is written for medication to control the pressure. There is no plan created to find the cause, let’s just say that the cause is being over weight. Insurance companies pay for the drugs but not the plan to help the patient lose weight. As our baby boomer population increases with age, I believe that they will want to take more control of their health instead of leaving it to fate or luck. I believe that prevention is very cost affective. Disease care is what has many costs; those that are apparent and many that are hidden. That will be a topic for another day.
For now finding a doctor that takes the time to listen to you and a team that helps you to be successful in accomplishing your health goals will be an important quest so that you can take control of your own health and not leave it to fate or luck

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Dr. TJ Bolt