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One of my mentors Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) did research for Andrew Carnegie. He studied common traits of some of the most successful people of his day in the later 20th Century. Some examples of the people he studied were Thomas Edison, Theodore Roosevelt, and Henry Ford just to name a few.
Enthusiasm is a very powerful and magnetic quality. I know that an enthusiastic doctor that carries into the sick room with him this energy, has more to do with bringing about a cure for his patient, than all the medicine that he can prescribe. I want to share a resent example of this with you. My son recently had Tommy John surgery for a torn UCL in his elbow. The surgeons Drs. Thompson and Brown after meeting them, because of their enthusiasm and their positive mental attitude brought great trust and comfort to not only my son, but also my wife and I. I do believe that this scary experience and the stress level that accompanies it, was decreased greatly because of the ability that these doctors had, and the confidence and enthusiasm that they carried with them. Even though our meeting with them prior to surgery was brief, they were masterful at expressing this confidence which made a huge difference in the outcome and recovery of my son.
Enthusiasm is a necessary quality to aid in a positive mental attitude. It has long been known by doctors that a positive mental attitude is high on the list of influences that gives one sound health. Disease germs cannot live in the blood stream of those whose mind is always positive.
Enthusiasm is a very important quality when someone is seeking out the help of another. Having a positive mental attitude and being around those who can help support this can be a real game changer. Check this out when you are in need of help with your next project. Also look for this quality when you are selecting someone to aid you in staying healthy. For more information on this topic or many others lie it, check out my website at scottr140.sg-host.com or my blog found on the site. You can contact me directly at 402-572-8000

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Dr. TJ Bolt