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Why You Should Consult with a TMJ Specialist in Omaha
If you are an Omaha resident and looking for a TMJ specialist, Omaha medical directory is your best place to start your search. These are the names of the leading doctors who specialize not just in superior dental treatments but also in advanced TMJ care to ensure that you heal and have long term relief from the pain. TMJ disorders are marked by numbing and crippling pain that can disrupt your entire daily routine and impair even the smallest functions from happening smoothly. You cannot go to any dentist for this treatment because this complex joint needs special focus and training to be tackled effectively.
TMJ or temporomandibular joint includes the mandible or the lower jaw and connects to the temporal bone of the skull as well as the surrounding facial muscles. It is a complex network of nerves and blood vessels, ligaments and tendons, delicate small muscles and bone tissues, fibrous surface layers along with the synovial fluid and a cartilaginous disc. Together this entire web is responsible for essential functions like eating, swallowing, chewing, breathing, gulping, talking and other jaw functions. Pain and dysfunction in the TMJ can severely hamper day to day living and affect the normal body balance and overall health.
You know it is time to visit a TMJ specialist in Omaha when you feel some or all these symptoms occurring frequently. Ear problems like frequent ear aches, ringing sensation and hardness of hearing Severe facial pain, swelling and facial fatigue Pain and tenderness in the jaw Increasing pain in the neck and shoulders Difficulty in chewing Recurrent toothaches Uncomfortable bite Locking of the jaws making it difficult to open or close the mouth Increasing clicking, popping, crunching or grating sounds in the jaw Severe headaches Frequent instances of nausea and dizziness leading to imbalance and restriction of movement The first thing a leading TMJ specialist Omaha medical directory lists will do is to tackle the pain. TMJ syndrome is characterized by acute pain in the area which quickly spreads to the ear, head, neck and entire face which slowly hamper and restrict movement. If not taken care of in time or dealt with proper care it can lead to swelling of proximal tissue and locking of bones which make a clicking or popping sound every time you try to open your mouth. You will find it difficult to do simple things like bite, yawn or even lick your lips, things we don’t even realize we are doing most of the time.
A TMJ specialist in Omaha will first probe and examine pain, how much of the jaw has been affected, the tenderness in the area before they can embark on a healing plan to reverse the pain and restore normalcy. Therefore the first order of the day is to find the root cause of the disorder. It is caused by the abnormal function of the oral musculoskeletal system combined with the TMJ disc displacement. Let’s see what conditions can lead to such a state: Bad Bite Poor posture which constantly strains the face and neck muscles Improper fittings of orthodontic braces Poor oral hygiene Improper diet Insomnia Extreme emotional stress Bad habits like grinding of the teeth which lead to muscle pressure and fatigue Accidents and injuries like whiplash or heavy blows to the head Dislocation of the TMJ disc or erosion of the soft cushion between the ball and socket Long term conditions like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis which erode and damage the cartilage between joints Various tests are conducted to determine the exact cause of the problem. This will help the TMJ specialist in Omahato administer more accurate treatment methods and medications to heal the condition. Comprehensive treatment procedures also involve treating the root cause so that the problem does not recur in the future. Learn more about TMJ
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