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I just finished a work shop with 16 quality dentists and human beings at the Schuster Center for Professional Development in Scottsdale, AZ. It was a pleasure to work with these men from the east and west coast and many towns in between. We were working on creating webinars and videos to aid in helping the dental students and recent dentists to aid then in creating practices that will add significance to the lives of the patients that they serve.
What prompted the webinars is also what prompted many to contribute to an on line resource Wikopedia. We were making a contribution to society with no strings attached. Helping those young professionals make good decisions as they transitions from dental school to the workforce, can make a significant difference in their lives. The dental student comes out of school with an average debt load of $300,000. Then when the young dentist goes into practice for him or herself the additional debt could total to 1 million dollars. That is a tremendous load to try to overcome. This is a serious problem in our society today.
To help to provide a ready resource to these young doctors, these 16 over a three day period created many learning packets to help the young dentist when coming our of school with a tremendous debt, influence them on what questions they should be asking to keep the debt from getting to out of control.
I was very proud to be part of this contribution and hope that there will be many young dentists taking advantage of this information. In turn this will not only affect the lives of the dentists, but their families, as well as the patients that they will serve.
This information will be placed on the Schuster Center website: www.schustercenter.com

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Dr. TJ Bolt