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People are living longer today than ever before. How long are you planning to live? Have you ever thought about that before? Remember when George Burns said, “If I would have known I was going to live that long I would have taken better care of myself.” Makes sense doesn’t it. So maybe we should plan just in case we live a long time. Let’s take a look at how through history the life expectancy has increased.
In 1334 BC the average life expectancy was 25 years. 3000 years later in 1400 AC it increased to 30. 400 years later in 1800 AC it improved to 37. Not much of an increase over that large time span. It increased to 47 years by 1900 AC. In 100 years it really improved to 77 years by 2000 AC. 70 is now the new 50 if you take care of yourself.
In creating your health goals for the long-term, isn’t it important to know how long you are planning to live. What do you want your life to look like as you age? Do you want your teeth to determine what you eat or do you want to decide what foods you want to eat? Think on these things.

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Dr. TJ Bolt