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Did you know that you become like the 5 people that you hang around with? This makes sense in that if you hang around with people who are of good make-up; high integrity, uncompromising moral qualities, etc. it just naturally reinforces your behavior and enhances your personal growth.
I wanted to take this thought one step further as it relates to your health. Do you want to spend your time with a health care team whose character makeup is to help you be successful in taking control of your own health? There are doctors who have learned proven strategies to teach their team in coaching you to be successful at preventing disease, so that you can stay healthy, or help you get on the right track leading you to health, and breaking out of the disease cycle once and for all.
Then there are the offices that are busy fixing things, never asking why things happen. They are busy running people through quickly, not listening or developing relationships because there is no time. These disease care specialists do not look to the cause of the problem, they just fix. They are not looking at the whole. Repair centered strategies can leave you mouth in a state of disrepair if followed for to long. Would you rather spend your time learning how you can prevent disease or would you rather spend your time fixing things? Hanging around doctors who are successful at preventing disease is usually what I find to be most acceptable to people when given the choice between being sick and being healthy. You can go to the dentist every six months for your whole life and still loose your teeth. You can bounce from temporary health back to a disease state again. You can also create a successful strategy to have long term health ridding yourself of problems. It depends on who you hang around with.
There are differences between the strategies employed by health care specialist and disease care specialists. The choice is yours. Now you know there are different practices. Again you can either choose to spin around in the disease cycle or work with people who are dedicated to helping you get out of it, and maintain long-term sustainable health. Disease Care or Health Care, you get to pick!!! For more information on long –term sustainable health care that is totally affordable please call me at 572-8000 or see my website at https://boltfisherdental.com

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Dr. TJ Bolt